BookDroid 1.1.9 released! See the change log here.


BookDroid 1.1.8 released! See the change log here.


BookDroid 1.1.7 released! See the change log here.


BookDroid 1.1.6 released! See the change log here.


BookDroid 1.1.5 released! See the change log here.


BookDroid 1.1.3 released! See the change log here.Includes full support for DRM free M4B files!


BookDroid 1.1.2 released! See the change log here


BookDroid 1.1 released! See the change log here


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BookDroid audio book listener
for Android Platform.

> Change log

1.1.9 Changes :

* Fixed LibriVox service, which had changed its URLs and protocol.
1.1.8 Changes :

* Fixed external storage referencing.
* Separate versions for Android 2.1 and Android 2.2
* Updated registration check after initial successful registration.
1.1.7 Changes :

* Audio book library now accepts m4b, m4a and mp3 files.
1.1.6 Changes :

* Added quick bookmark feature

* Fixed position loss during media mount

* Import books function now remembers previous settings

* Propably fixed layout bugs
1.1.5 Changes :
* Optimized the thread priority to gain more performance

* Optimized playing while screen is off
* Optimized the startup speed by settings all the update check on background

* Fixed opening empty book causes crash
* Fixed headset control issues (should work ok now at least on non-Hero phones)
! Tried to make some sort of control method while screen is off, however this is unfortunately
impossible at the moment. Android does not register any button presses from user if the screen is off
(for example camera key) and on top of all, 3rd party programs cannot modify the lock screen. We?ll
have to hope Google changes this in the future... Sorry for all who requested these features, if You have
any other ideas how to circumvent this, please contact us :) 


BookDroid 1.1.4 Changes :
* Hopefully fixed a downloading bug that some users have been reporting 
(we cannot reproduce this so we are fixing it "blindy" based on user
input and logs), it seems that our external optimization tool broke
BookDroid - we?ll there?s nothing like hard coded optimizations

* Hopefully fixed a random crash when Android is not ready to update
dialog and it still forces the dialog to be updated *sigh*

BookDroid 1.1.3 Changes :

* Fixed annoying crash bug with photos

+ Added more functional mass import feature in which user can control
the depth of recursion and depth of books.
Example : if book name depth is 0 the current folder selected is to be
created to be a book with all the files found recursively with the amount
specified. If the name depth is 1, then all the child directories of
chosen directories will become books with every one search with depth
specified in recursive option. Complicated?
Do not worry, just test it.

+ Added volume fine tune. Accessible through player->menu. This setting
is global for BookDroid and not saved with individual books.
It is meant for those who have good enough ear plugs that even with
minimum volume settings volume is till too high. Please prefer still
to use the actual volume buttons to set up volume as these are saved
with books.

* Changed almost all icons to tango item theme to provide more consistent
and familiar user interface

+ Added full m4b decoder which supports cover art and chapter data!

+ Added possibility to set the sleep timer button visible on player screen
(it replaces the loop controls).
To enable this go to Sleep Timer Options from Player->Menu

BookDroid 1.1.2 Changes :
* Added full screen view, click on the book picture/cover art to toggle it
* Long click on book picture/cover will now change view to library
* Changed the outlook of the player portion
* Removed unnecessary information on player screen
* Fixed couple of random crashes
* Seekbar now updates properly with correct positions
* Enlarged playback buttons
* Modified playback buttons? graphics
* Merged seek buttons as single two with long click functionality to skip sections
* Fixed somewhat wonky functionality of undo/redo
* Fixed undo/redo so that they respect the play state
+ Added seek to dialog when long pressing play/pause button
* Removed sleep timer button and moved the sleep timer toggle to the sleep timer menu
* Merged loop start and end to one button
* Changed icon graphics on looping and loop buttons

BookDroid 1.1.1 Changes :
* Fixed landscape mode when physical keyboard is open
* Now new folder actually does something (sorry about that)
* Fixed bug adding non image files with set cover button
* Fixed network problems on downloads
* Fixed a crash when removing a download
+ Added refresh downloads button
BookDroid 1.1 Changes :

+ Added a feature to back button on player portion to which user can
control how the BookDroid is disabled (hide, will send the app to
background and shutdown will completely shut down BookDroid, see
+ Added a solid shut down feature - most of Android applications (99%)
will never actually shut down, they are left in the memory for future use,
and Android will remove them as necessary, this however is a bit different
with BookDroid. When you shutdown the BookDroid, it will save the book,
shut down the player/download service and close the GUI portion of the
application. After this it will KILL the whole process tree. There will be
NOTHING LEFT OF THE BOOKDROID in the Android memory or the CPU. It will
release all it?s resources for other applications the instant you shut
down it. We hope other developers follow this approach as well because
these handhelds don?t have the same resources as desktop computers.
+ Added correct functionality for physical buttons (such as back button)
+ Added bookmark editing, now users can edit the added bookmarks from
bookmark portion
+ Added debugging tools for users, now when the player crashes, the player
writes a "bookdroidcrash.log" on the root of the sdcard, send this file
and description of the error to us, and we will fix it.
+ Player notification support. Now everytime the player is playing, you
will see a notification on the notification area of your device. When
clicking this, the player will open. To remove notification, just stop
* Fixed slow registration handling
+ Auto orientation : now BookDroid respects the orientation of the phone
(portrait and landscape modes)
* Fixed compatibility issues with phones with physical keyboards
* Fixed a lot of compatibility issues on some phones that result in crashes.
+ Added posibility to change load method with books (accessible through
library->menu->load options), if user has problems loading books, (s)he
can change the load type
+ Help mode, now users can access help with different portions of the
program and enable help mode, which is visual help for all the
* Fixed in-call bug, now books pauses/saves when call comes and resumes it
* Redone services portion, now users can search straight within app, and
when user downloads a book, it automaticly creates that book to library
- Guterberg removed from services, will make a comeback in the 1.2 branch
+ Autoupdater feature (when device is online, the new update is being
checked when user turns on the application, accessible also through about
+ Book and bookmark sort feature (accessible through library and bookmark
+ Cover art support (Accessible through edit/add book)
+ Headset aware, removing the headset plug will pause and save book,
reattaching will resume it
+ Second seekbar to seek within file (accessible through player portion)
+ Skip files("long skip") support (accessible through player portion)
+ Looping (accessible through player portion)
+ Sleeptimer (accessible through player portion)
+ Bluetooth/headset control
+ Mass import function (accessible through library->menu->import books)
+ Database backup and restoration (accessible through
library->menu->import/export database)
* Totally redone the whole engine, should yield more performance
* Totally redone the player portion GUI
+ Lots of more small enhancements that are too small to list here
A special thanks goes to Matthias Faeth, who has helped us a great
deal of fixing bugs on Galaxy devices and given great feature suggestions
- keep the requests coming everyone!